Between the Sheets

We pet owners often love sleeping with our pets. A recent study found we think our pets help us sleep better, no matter how much real estate they take up.

Why We Love to Have Our Pets Sleep in the Bed

Let’s face it, we love snuggling up to Fido in bed, and a little pet hair or the occasional mysterious smell won’t change that. But when it comes to sleeping with our companions, there are a couple of universal truths we could all agree on.

1) Sharing the bed.

You might think you’re sharing the bed with your pet, but in reality, you’re stuck with whatever space they aren’t using. Even the tiniest dog can claim enough mattress real estate to leave you wondering if you should just sleep on the couch tonight. 

2) You (might) sleep better. 

If there’s anything besides a memory foam mattress that could help you sleep better, it might just be your pet. A recent study by the Center for Sleep Medicine found that most people don’t mind cuddling up with their beloved pet at night.

Truly, there’s nothing quite like waking up to the warm body and face of your pet in the morning. At least we can hope it’ll be their face.

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