Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have any stores where I can try Christeli out?

What is the sleep trial?

When will I receive my mattress?


Where are Christeli's made?

Are your ingredients made in America?

Do you carry inventory?

How long does it take to craft a Christeli?


How long does it take to ship my mattress?

How long will it take for my mattress to arrive?

Do I need to be home for delivery?

Do you deliver on Saturday or Sunday?


How long is the mattress warranty?

What does the mattress warranty cover?

What if my mattress forms impressions?

How do I use my warranty if I think I have a defect?

How long is the adjustable bed warranty?

How long is the mattress protector warranty?


Will I feel my partner move around?

Does the mattress smell or off-gas?

Do Christeli mattresses sleep warm?

Can I use my existing box spring?

What is the weight capacity?

Is there a "break-in" or adjustment period?

Can I use a heating pad?

Does it contain formaldehyde?

Do you use flame retardants?

Do any models have a pillow top?


What sizes do Christeli come in?

How tall are Christeli's?

What is the difference between King and Cal-King?


What is Christeli memory material?

Adjustable Beds

Do all Christeli models work on adjustable beds?

Are all your adjustable bed sizes split?

Where are your adjustable beds made?

How tall are your adjustable beds?

What is the weight capacity for the Ergomatic 1000?

What is the weight capacity for the Ergomatic 4000?